Indoor Air Quality: The Right Humidity Promotes Health & Comfort

mold on ceilingHigh humidity levels in the home can create unwelcome issues. One of the most obvious issues is that humidity can make you uncomfortable. The high temperatures and humidity, endured in warmer seasons, makes for miserable conditions in the home. However, really low humidity can be just as miserable. You trade stuffy and sticky with dry and itchy. Typically cooler months are when humidity is at its lowest. Modern conveniences like central heating and cooling allow you to adjust and control the level of humidity in your home all year round and combat health issues that accompany less than ideal humidity.

High humidity is the preferred environment for things like mold, mildew and bacteria. Mold is a particularly worrisome problem to have in the home as it creates a host of health problems. The most common issue is respiratory issues. People with allergies, asthma, and a weak immune system are highly susceptible to the breathing issues often created by mold spores. Increased humidity levels are also bad for people trying to heal or recover from respiratory illnesses. A home with a controlled climate not only prevents illness, it also helps with recovery.

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Choosing The Right Humidity Levels

A balanced humidity level makes your heating and cooling systems more effective. Maintaining a moderate amount of humidity, not too much not too little, will make you feel cooler in summer and more comfortable in the winter. The amount of moisture in the air has an effect on how comfortable you are any time of the year. A good percentage to maintain year round is between 45 and 55 percent. Anything above this encourages mold growth. Anything below this can exasperate skin, allergy, and breathing issues with the drying effects created by the lack of moisture in the air. This moderate percentage not only staves off health concerns, from levels too high or too low, but it is also an optimal level for temperature and air circulation.

dehumidifier in Edison New JerseyIn the summer it is important to not use humidifiers. This is especially true if you live in a humid climate. Most central AC systems have a setting to specifically help to rid your home of excess humidity. Many central air systems will automatically adjust the levels in your home. If you do not have an air conditioning system, exhaust fans will have the same effect on humidity.

In the winter it is just as important to maintain moisture in the air as it is to rid excess moisture in the summer. Not many HVAC units can add moisture so this needs to be done manually. Humidifiers are a great option. Other things that can help make your space more humid are house plants. Certain types of plants add more moisture than others. Some experts suggest that you add a small basin of water near your heating system. All of the above steps will help combat the dry air that is typical during the winter to create better indoor air quality for your home.

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How Your Air Conditioner Manages Humidity

Humid conditions in the summer are drastically more damaging to your home than the lack of humid conditions in winter. For this reason, air conditioners need to manage humidity. This happens via an evaporator coil located in the interior of an air conditioning unit. When the humid air enters the unit, it hits the coil. Then, the humidity is drawn out and returned to a liquid state. It then drains out of the unit via a down line.

The ability of your unit to maintain proper humidity depends on the unit. A window unit is typically only capable of maintaining one moderate size room. A central air unit needs to be customized to the size of your home for maximum efficiency. If the unit is too small it will not provide enough power. If the unit is too large it will not run long enough to properly maintain the right humidity.


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Keeping your home comfortable is a year round job. Keeping your home at the right humidity will not only keep you comfortable, it will also keep you healthy. Ensure your home has a healthy environment simply by maintaining the right humidity levels. The quality of the air inside of your home is greatly affected by the condition of your HVAC system. Systems that are properly maintained are more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. Be sure to schedule a yearly tune-up for your heater in the fall and for your air conditioner in the spring.

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