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Should My Air Conditioner Leak Water?

The production of water is a regular part of your air conditioner’s function.

The water that your air conditioner produces water, also called condensate, is funneled to a drain. The plumbing system, then, carries out of the home.

Finding some water under the condenser of your air conditioner is not unusual. However, when the amount seems more than usual, or more than you think is normal, call an HVAC maintenance specialist. Make sure you call a qualified technician because the problem has the potential to be dangerous. In this article, we will discuss some common causes for a leaking air conditioning unit.

What Is The Source Of The Water

AC repairAn air conditioning unit draws in air. Once it cools the air, it recirculates the cooled air throughout the home. The air that the AC draws in is warm and sometimes humid air. When the warm and humid air is cooled, the water vapors within the warm air will condense. While the cooling unit attempts to control where the water condenses, it can condense on any of the metal surfaces within the A/C. The plumbing should direct the majority of the condensate to a collecting pan. Typically, the amount of condensate should be barely visible if at all.

Why Your Cooling Unit Is Leaking

Blocked Drainage System

Humid air tends to condense when the air is cooled down.

In many cases, small particles of dirt can also become trapped in the water vapor. When those vapors condensate, the dirt gets stuck in the condensate water. The dirt particles, as small as they are, accumulate over an extended period. The accumulated dirt can clog the tubes and drains that channel the condensate away from the unit. This situation is more common in air conditioning units that do not have regular maintenance conducted. Routine maintenance can mitigate the amount of dirt that accumulates in the drainage system.

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Damaged Condensate Pan

The condensate collects in a plate or a pan until it drains away. If there is any damage to the pan, such as a crack, it can cause the collected water to leak out under the unit instead of adequately draining. It is not uncommon for a condensate pan to crack with age, especially if the pan has corroded.

Dirty Air Filters

dirty air filterAir conditioners have air filters to improve the quality and cleanliness of the air coming into the unit. The air filter serves to enhance the quality of air and to help keep the internal workings of the A/C clean. When the homeowner does not replace the air filter as needed, it will begin to clog with dirt and other airborne particles. Once the air filters have become clogged with debris, they will no longer allow the correct amount of air intake.

Airflow is required to prevent the evaporator coils from freezing over. When the coils collect too much ice, that ice will melt once the unit switches off. The condensate pan typically does not have enough capacity to handle the excessive amount of liquid. The result is an overflowing condensate pan that can leak out before it has the chance to drain.

Bad Drain Pipe Connection

The HVAC expert will manually connect the drain pipe to the cooling unit upon installation. If the drain pipe is not attached correctly, or if someone moves the air conditioner after the drain pipe is connected, it can cause leaking. This leaking would be visible near the base of the unit.

Signs You Need a Professional AC Repair

As mentioned before, some water around your AC unit is not uncommon. It is a typical misconception that any visible water is a problem.

A major sign that indicates a problem is…

when you see more water than usual for more than a day. If you do notice more water than usual for an extended amount of time, call a licensed cooling maintenance specialist. They will conduct all the required inspections to determine if there is a problem. If there is a problem, they will be able to take steps to mitigate further damage and repair the problem. It is important to note that if you suspect a problem, call an air conditioning repair professional right away. If it is a leak, the longer you wait to take care of the problem the more severe the damages can be.

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