What Should Be Included In Your Spring Maintenance Checklist?

image of professional AC maintenanceWhen winter is finally over and spring arrives, it brings the sunshine, warm air, and longer days. It is also a great time to get outside and take care of the tasks that couldn’t be handled during the cold weather. If you want to be sure that your home remains in good condition, there are a few things that should be included on your spring maintenance checklist.

Prepare Your Snowblower For Storage

If you want your snowblower to be working properly when the weather gets cold, you need to prepare it for storage. It doesn’t take much time and it is very important. You should start by running your snowblower until the gas tank is completely empty. Next, remove the spark plug and store it in a safe place that is clean and dry. Finally, you should cover the snowblower. This will prevent any dirt and dust from getting into the engine and other delicate components.

Clean Your Lawnmower

Your lawnmower is going to be very important during the spring and summer months as this is when the grass grows the fastest. You should get it ready for the mowing season by changing the oil, the air filter, and the spark plug. Next, inspect the blade to be sure that it is sharp enough. These simple maintenance tips will ensure that your lawnmower is running correctly and they will also prolong the life of the mower. If you don’t know how to do these things, you can take your lawnmower to a professional for a tune-up.

Schedule A Tune-Up For Your Air Conditioner

During the summer, your air conditioner becomes your most important appliance. There is nothing worse than turning on your AC on a hot day to find out that it doesn’t work. The best way to be sure that it will be working properly is to contact a professional HVAC technician to schedule a checkup and inspection. Not only will the technician inspect the unit for any issues, they will also clean the system thoroughly to be sure that it is working as efficiently as possible. Depending on your specific model, you may need to have it maintained to keep its warranty valid. If you want to be sure that your AC is running properly all summer, scheduling an inspection and an air conditioner tune up with a professional should be on the top of your spring checklist.


Inspect Your Roof

The snow can be hard on your roof. When it is all melted in the spring, it is a good idea to inspect it for any problems. You should look at the surface of the roof and check it for missing shingles, damage, and general aging. If there are any issues with the roof, they should be repaired as soon as possible. Waiting could result in a much higher repair bill.

Inspect Your Downspouts And Gutters

If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, it can result in damage to your home. You should get on a ladder and check for any clogs and debris. You should also be sure that the downspouts are draining the water away from the foundation rather than toward it. After you have removed all of the dirt and debris, you should run a hose into the gutters to be sure that they are draining properly. If there are any leaks in the gutters and downspouts, they can be sealed up with caulking or epoxy. Finally, you should consider having a micro-mesh gutter protector installed. It will reduce the chances of the gutters getting clogged, which will reduce the risk of structural damage.

Check Your Sprinklers

If you have a lawn sprinkler, you should inspect it thoroughly. If you have a faulty sprinkler head, exposed lines, or leaky valves, it can have a negative effect on the sprinkler’s performance. After the inspection, you should turn on the sprinklers to be sure that all areas of the lawn are getting enough water. If there are any problems with your sprinkler that you cannot fix your own, you should contact a professional.



Many homeowners spend a great deal of time on their spring cleaning. While cleaning out the home when winter is over is a good idea, you should also check other structures, systems, and equipment around the home. If they are kept in good condition, you will be prepared for the summer.

Be sure to find a reputable HVAC company to service your air conditioner. An air conditioner tune-up will make your system more energy efficient, increase the comfort levels of your home, and increase the lifespan of your unit. For professional cooling services, be sure to contact Result Home Services. Our services are affordable, trusted, and only conducted by the best NATE certified HVAC contractors in the industry. Call today to speak with a home comfort specialist about your cooling system needs.



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