Is Your Heater Making You Sick?

image of homeowner who needs heating system tune-up Union NJFor a clean and healthy indoor climate it is crucial to ensure you have an HVAC system that functions properly. Creating clean air inside your home is the number one way of maintaining healthy living conditions for everyone living there. Contrarily, when indoor air quality is poor, illness is often the result. Following is a brief look at how you can enhance your chances of living a healthier life by properly maintaining your heater.

Why Your Heater Is Making You Sick?

Wintertime means you need your heater to keep your home a comfortable place in which to live. Nevertheless, unless it is properly installed and maintained, such systems fail to operate efficiently. This directly or indirectly makes you and your family ill.

How Your Heating System Can Directly Cause Illness

Gas Leaks

An inefficiently operating heating system can leak carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into your house and their buildup can directly cause you and those you love to become ill. The devastating effects of carbon monoxide can also cause death. To avoid this from happening in your home, the heating system needs to be regularly maintained by an HVAC professional. These systems should be regularly checked for signs of corrosion and wear and tear. Improperly maintained systems can leak. Most qualified and experienced HVAC professionals routinely perform tune-ups that include checking for potential or existing leaks.

Buildup Of Allergens And Dust

When dust and allergens accumulate in your HVAC system, illness results. This is why you need to have it maintained by a professional regularly. This allows you to protect the indoor air quality of your home and therefore, help your family maintain their good health.

Improper Maintenance Of Your Heating System Can Inadvertently Affect Health

Suppressed Immune System

Some scientists today believe that our immune systems are less able to prevent illnesses and colds today than they once were. It seems that there was a time when our bodies were more effective at cold prevention prior to the invention of central air conditioning and heating. They say that direct exposure to exterior elements helps build immunity to these diseases. Furthermore, they warn that we are more likely to become sick when we spend the majority of our time indoors in a constantly controlled environment. Although we would never suggest that anyone should be exposed to harsh weather conditions unnecessarily, but there is some validity to the argument and its thought provoking statement.




Finally, it is important to have your heater checked at least once each year. This will make you less susceptible to illness. Contracting with licensed, experienced and certified HVAC professionals will ensure it is done right. The knowledge they possess helps them locate ongoing issues as well as potential ones in the making.

Heating System Tune-up Union NJ

None of us likes being sick. However, you will get sick when you don’t properly maintain your heating system. An annual tune-up for your heater is advised. Be sure to schedule one today. Furthermore, you will be doing something to help prevent your family from becoming sick and your system will be more energy efficient.

Result Home Services offers annual heater tune-ups, heater repairs, and heater installation. All of our technicians are NATE certified and factory trained. They have the experience that it takes to get your heating system working as efficiently as possible. This also will help prevent you and your loved ones from getting sick.


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