Top Ways To Maintain Your Heating System Over The Spring Season

image of heating system tune-up Passaic NJYour heater has surely worked hard to keep you warm during the winter. As the cold season draws to a close, most homeowners naturally start to think about preparing their cooling systems for the summer ahead. But the warmer months also offer the perfect opportunity to work on the heating system.

Should You Prepare Your Heating System For Summer?

While working to keep your home warm, your system just saw plenty of action during the winter. Prolonged use inevitably leads to wear and tear on your equipment’s moving parts. It thus makes sense to tune up the system in the spring, as you prepare it for the next cold season.

Naturally, few households will be using their heating systems as the weather warms up. This means that heating technicians aren’t as busy. Scheduling for a tune-up thus becomes easier. More importantly, you’ll be able to find a good technician with plenty of time available to check your equipment.

As spring kicks in, you start to use your heater for shorter periods. Your service technician will thus not have to wait for the equipment to cool down before they can check it. And if anything crops up, causing the tune-up to take longer, you’ll not have to worry about being exposed to the cold due to a dysfunctional system.

What You Can Expect From A Heater Tune-up?

Before the technician can start preparing your heating system for the summer, ask them to do a complete tune-up. Besides checking for and fixing any problems, they’ll also clean the unit to ensure smooth running during the next cold season. Other things your technician should do to keep it in perfect condition include:

  • Checking all parts of the equipment to see if there are any leaks or holes, as well as listening for unusual noises.
  • Cleaning the entire system to eliminate fire hazards and improve air quality.
  • Clearing any dirt and dust that may have accumulated on fans and motors. This not only minimizes wear and tear, but it also improves energy efficiency.
  • Repairing anything else that needs fixing.
  • Changing the air filters, if you haven’t done so already. This ensures smooth running, besides reducing the risk of heater malfunctions in future.



What Else Can You Do?

Heater repair is best left to experienced professionals. That said, there are still a few things you could do on your own. To prepare your heater for its dormant season, ensure that you:

  • Clean the area surrounding the outdoor and indoor units. This eliminates potential hazards, as well as improving airflow.
  • Check and replace your unit’s air filters. Most heaters come with instructions on how to do this.
  • Consider replacing your heating system. If yours has been breaking down frequently in recent times, this is the time to get a new unit. Your technician can help you decide whether to repair or replace the system.

Heating System Tune-up Passaic NJ

While it sounds unusual, preparing your heater at the end of winter makes sense for several good reasons. So don’t wait too long before contacting a qualified heating contractor and asking them to check your equipment. This way, you’ll be assured that your system is in top condition, long before you can start thinking about using it again.

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