Best Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

how to prepare your home for the winterIt’s getting cold out and your heater is going to be running more and more as we get closer to the winter. If you are like most homeowners, then you might be wondering what you can do to reduce those home heating costs. No one wants to spend a fortune just to stay warm. Fortunately, there a numerous things that you can do to reduce these costs just as long as you are willing to put in a little leg work. Believe me, it really pays off in the end. In this article, we will discuss two fundamental ways that you can keep that precious and expensive heated air inside your home. The good news is that you won’t pay a fortune to do so.This information comes directly from professional and experienced HVAC contractors.

Weatherstripping Your Doors Is Not A Myth

Many homeowners think that weatherstripping your doors doesn’t make a difference. The truth is it makes a huge difference if you don’t use it. As doors age, their seals tend to wear out. Rather than replacing the door, you can weatherstrip it. This is a more economical way to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. In the video below, they share the best method to weatherstrip a door.

If you don’t believe the fact that your entry doors leak air, Illinois Window Service wrote an article that discusses the benefits of weatherstripping:

  • An 1/8″ space between a standard exterior door and its threshold is equivalent to a two square inch hole in the wall. Closing these gaps with weather stripping will significantly lower your energy costs.
  • The primary source of energy leakage in your house is the ‘Entry Door’.
  • If you see any daylight anywhere around the frame of a door, it means you will experience ‘energy loss’.
  • Prevents noise and pest intrusion from the exterior.
  • Provides a barrier against air and water.

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Caulking Your Windows Keeps Money In Your Pocket

Another way that you can really save on energy costs is by caulking your windows. Even homeowners who weatherstrip their doors, forget about the fact that their windows might be culprits of losing that precious warm air. Caulking your windows doesn’t take a lot of time but it sure does give you a lot in return. Below is a video that discusses how you should caulk your windows.

Many experts claim that just by weatherstripping your door and caulking your windows alone, you will significantly reduce your home heating costs. You can even go as far as adding more insulation to your attic, You can plant evergreen trees on the north side of your home to block wind. There is a lot that you can do and the benefit goes far beyond the winter because all of these efforts will also keep your home nice and cool during the summer.

Below are some videos that show you some additional ways that you can reduce heat loss from your home:

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