The Impressive Benefits Of Having Sufficient Insulation In Your Attic

attic insulationFew homeowners take the time to consider whether or not they have sufficient insulation in their homes until the outside temperatures plummet and they find themselves dealing with freezing drafts. Good insulation, however, is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. Throughout the months of winter, this prevents cool air from entering the home. When the weather grows warm, proper insulation also serves the purpose of keeping the hot air out.

Given that insulation is hiding in the attic and between the walls, it’s pretty easy to overlook. This material is out of sight and out of mind. When the attic is properly insulated, however, the home heating and cooling system will be subjected to far less wear and tear. This unit will not have to run as frequently nor will it have to work as hard. Spring is the perfect time to determine whether or not you have an acceptable amount of insulation in your attic and to ensure that these materials will be capable of cooling your home in the hot summer months to come.

Why Add Insulation To Your Attic?

insulation and AC maintenance in raritan NJWithout sufficient insulation in your attic, you’re guaranteed to waste money every month. You might be wondering, however, “Why should I insulate the one part of my home that only gets used for storage?”. Proper insulation and ventilation in the attic helps control both temperature and moisture levels all throughout the year.

The costs of heating and cooling your property likely accounts for approximately half of your household energy bill. As such, installing insulation makes sense, especially if you currently have none at all. You should also check the R-Value and condition of the existing insulation and then upgrade this as needed. For a lot of properties, up to 20 percent of the cooled and heated air can actually escape right through the attic. Adding to the insulation of this area will create a tighter building envelope for decreased energy costs.

Check The R-Value Of Your Current Insulation

Checking the R-Value of the insulation you already have is the most effective way to determine whether or not your attic is already sufficiently insulated. The R-Value is a measurement of the material’s resistance to heat transfer. The R-Value is something that you’re capable of checking on your own. Professionals, however, work with these materials everyday and thus, they can easily and accurately determine how resistant they are. Whenever insulation becomes dated, sparse or missing, the related R-Values invariably decrease.

Attic areas should have insulation with R-Values that are no less than 30. If your attic insulation has been blown in, you’ll need to have no less than 8.5 inches of insulating material covering the floor. R-Value is ultimately a cumulative calculation. As such, you can certainly install brand new insulation over materials that are already present. When doing so, however, be sure to reinforce all insulation around the windows and doors in your attic as well as around all other attic openings.



As you evaluate your insulation, take a look at the ductwork within your home. If you have ductwork traveling through the attic that isn’t wrapped with insulation, think about enhancing your HVAC system by wrapping this ductwork.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Raritan NJ

By taking the above-mentioned steps, you can dramatically reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home year-round. There’s another key benefit that you can gain as well. Given that your HVAC system will not be placed under high demands, this costly equipment will last a bit longer. This will result in additional savings. It will also help you avoid preventable repairs. For added value, always schedule annual air conditioning tune-ups for your HVAC system. These visits are an essential part of ongoing air conditioner maintenance.

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