Make Your Home More Energy Efficient By Sealing It

how to make your home more energy efficientMost property owners want to live in home that’s energy efficient. The time to start with the steps needed to improve energy efficiency in a home is now. When winter passes and spring comes in, then the time has arrived to start applying cost-saving methods. It’s a fact that energy bills run high toward heating and cooling, usually taking account of over 50% of costs. To take advantage of the opportunities to save money, these two areas are prime candidates to start with.

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Committing To The Project

To begin the process of finding ways to save money with your energy bills, you first need to get a handle on where the waste occurs. The first culprits to look for are the gaps and also air leaks around windows and doors. It’s estimated this takes up 25% of lost energy. In the summer, cool air leaks outside and gets replaced with warm air inside. Consequently, this makes your cooling system work twice as hard to keep up with the imbalance. The air leaks around windows and doors are a simple fix and can boost your savings up to 25%. Solving this problem will add to the comfort and efficiency savings provided by your air conditioning system. This will impact your utility bill in a positive way right away.

How To Find Air Leaks

image of energy efficient home and air conditioner repair Woodbridge NJThe quickest and most effective way to find air leaks is to hire a professional. This means calling a licensed HVAC technician to do an inspection and find the leaks. You’re paying for specialized tools and experience. They have effective way to find the leaks that you wouldn’t be able to find yourself. There are still options for the staunch DIY individual who demands on finding the leaks himself.

To get started down this path, get yourself an incense stick. Next, light the stick of incense and walk up to the areas you think are the leak zones. The smoke on the incense stick should rise upward. If you put the incense stick next to a leak zone, you’ll see it blow inward or toward a wall. Then you can mark these areas and take the steps to seal them yourself.
Cobwebs are another good sign that there’s an air leak. Spiders generally make their webs near an area where there’s a steady and smooth flow of air.

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Apply The Seal

Now that you’ve found the leak, you can move forward with applying something that will stop the leak. You can use either caulk or weather strip or spray foam. It will depend on what you can afford and what’s available at your local hardware store.



Air Conditioner Repair Woodbridge NJ

Don’t feel inadequate if you’re not confident enough to do this yourself. Some people do not have the time. Either way, you can still call a professional cooling specialist to come in and do the job right the first time. Regardless, the goal is to lower energy bills. You also want to strive for reduced cooling costs and reduced air conditioning costs. This is a long term savings plan.

For a reputable and professional HVAC specialist, contact Result Home Services. Our certified contractors have the experience and knowledge to make your system work more energy efficiently. This will help reduce your air conditioning costs. Be sure to give us a call  to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance so that we can get your AC system running at its best.

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