The Importance Of Scheduling Annual AC Service

image of professional air conditioner maintenance in newark njRegular AC maintenance is important because a well-maintained air conditioning unit will last for years. You service your car every few thousand miles, so why wouldn’t you tune up your heating and cooling system?

Now Is The Best Time to Schedule An A/C Service

Spring is the ideal time of year to service your cooling system. In hot summer months, you rely on the air conditioner to keep the indoor air cool and comfortable. Every homeowner should budget for an annual HVAC service to rectify minor problems that could turn into costly air conditioning repairs. It is important to book a spring air conditioning tune-up in order to beat peak season waiting times. Regular preventative maintenance will ensure your air conditioner operates safely and efficiently. A clean AC unit lowers home energy bills to save money monthly and in the long run.

Hire A Professional To Tune-Up Your A/C Unit

Tuning-up an air conditioning system is no DIY job. You should ask a professional to inspect your air conditioner. Contact a trained technician who works for a reputable HVAC company for them to service the cooling system. An untrained person shouldn’t try to tune-up the AC. They run the risk of damaging or breaking the system.

General Information about AC Maintenance

AC professionals know exactly what to look for. They will inspect your cooling system and give the air-conditioning unit a good clean. At the same time, they will check the air conditioner for preventable signs of wear and tear which often prevents future costly repairs.

When the HVAC professional visits for the annual tune up to the A/C unit, he will clean all parts of the air conditioning unit with a special cleaning formula. He will clean the motor and the coils to keep your cooling system in good condition.

A build-up of grease and grime makes an A/C unit work slowly. Cleaning is really important as built-up grime strains the system and causes it to work less efficiently. An annual HVAC tune up will make your air conditioning unit last longer.

The system must be cleaned, but much more is done during the annual A/C tune up. The technician will perform lots of tasks, for example, he will:

  •  Inspect the air conditioner and all moving parts and pieces
  • Drain and clean the condensate line
  • Cleanse the condenser coils and evaporator
  • Put in a new air conditioner filter
  • Use a special lubricant to oil all mechanical and moving parts to ensure they work properly
  • Inspect all AC duct work and discuss potential problems with the homeowner
  • Checkout the wiring and the A/C thermostat controls. Once again, the technician will report to the homeowner to discuss potential problems
  • Look at the fluid levels and check the pressure

These are just some of the tasks done when the cooling system is serviced. There are many more which enhance the performance of your air conditioner.



Additional Tips You Can Do To Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency:


AC Tune-up Newark NJ

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