Second Opinions On Major Repairs

When your heater and air conditioner has a few years under its belt, it will have to be replaced or repaired. However, unless you are a trained HVAC technician, it is hard for you to know which category yours falls under. For this reason, you will need some help. Heating systems and air conditioners aren't exactly cheap to replace or to repair. In order to know if you are dealing with a repair or a replacement, be sure to contact Result Home Services. We offer free second opinions on major repairs or replacements.

the importance of 2nd opinions on major HVAC repairsWhen you have been told that your system needs to undergo a major repair, this is when it is best to call for reinforcements. Sometimes HVAC companies are quick to tell you something like that without truly assessing the situation. It is not unheard of that an HVAC company says something like that when, in fact, it only needed a minor repair. This doesn't always happen but this is why is is best to get another opinion. It is obvious that if 2-3 companies suggest the same type of repair, then it is more than likely true.

It is unfortunate that some HVAC technicians will take advantage of a customer's trust and the fact that they are not knowledgeable of HVAC repairs. At Result Home Services, we offer second opinions on major repairs because we have heard endless stories of misdiagnosis. Regardless of the circumstance, we certainly want to help you sort it out.

HVAC Repairs 2nd Opinions

Whenever an HVAC contractor suggests a major and expensive repair, it is best to get another opinion. This can save you thousands of dollars. Additionally, if an HVAC contractor has to make the same repair repeatedly, then it is best to get a 2nd opinion. A repair should be done quickly and the problem should be fixed after it has been addressed initially. The same issue with your air conditioner or heater should not need to be fixed more than once.

When we make a recommendation for your heater or air conditioner, there are a few things that we take into consideration:

  • The age of your heater or air conditioner
  • The type of repairs that your system has needed recently. This also includes the frequency in which your system needs to be repaired. Systems tend to need repair jobs more frequently in the last couple of years of their lifespan. Typically, these repairs indicate the need for a replacement soon.
  • The cost of your utility bills. When you have to set your thermostat to a lower temperature in the winter and a higher temperature in the summer to save money, then this is something that we will take into consideration. This is especially true if your energy costs continuously rise.
  • Strange noises are another factor that we consider. Please let us know about any noises that sound like rumbling, squeaking, or vibrating.

Sometimes many HVAC contractors explain your situation in terms that only another heating and cooing contractor will understand. When we come and assess your situation, you will receive a new estimate in terms that thoroughly explain what is going on and in terms that you can understand. It is important to note that if you are paying for multiple service calls or your service provider claims that your system needs a major repair, then be sure to give Result Home Services a call before shelling out your hard earned cash. We want you to feel confident with any decision that you will take. We will provide you with all of your available options.

Related HVAC Questions
What should I expect a new air conditioner installation to cost me?
This all depends on your situation. For a home that is approximately 2,000 square feet, then it usually costs $3,500 to $4,000. This, of course, is for a home that already has the necessary ductwork in place. It should take a team of 2 HVAC contractors about 2-3 days to install it. For a home that does not have the ductwork in place, then you can expect the above cost estimate to double in price as well double in the time required to install it.
How long should I expect my air conditioner or furnace to last?
A furnace that has been adequately maintained should last about 20 years. An air conditioner can last around 16 years. A heat pump lasts about 14 years. These are all average lifespans which means that yours can fall over or under these averages. It also must be noted that over the duration of your furnace's and air conditioner's lifespan, the HVAC industry makes major advancements where there are newer, more effective, and more energy efficient models coming out.
What does an HVAC technician do?
HVAC is an acronym that is commonly used in the heating and cooling industry. It is commonly referred to as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. These three functions are what you understand as your heater or air conditioner. The HVAC industry involves energy efficiency, air quality, and much more.
Why does my HVAC contractor need to be licensed?
An HVAC, or heating ventilation and air conditioning technician, is a specialist who is extremely skilled when it comes to installing, repairing, and maintaining heaters and air conditioners in both residential and commercial buildings. When they are licensed, it means that they have the appropriate education and sometimes insurance, and bonding as required by the law. This serves to protect you in case of an accident or if the job is completed without permits.

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