Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Your air conditioner keeps you and your family comfortable and safe. In the extreme heat, being without an air conditioner is inconvenient and downright dangerous. Therefore, if you notice any issues with your air conditioner, it is important to address it immediately. Additionally, if your air conditioner has not been professionally maintained within the last 12 months, you need to schedule an air conditioning tune-up.

ac maintenance repair manReasons To Get An Air Conditioner Tune-up Include:

  • Your air conditioner will last longer
  • Your system will be more energy efficient
  • You can avoid costly repairs
  • Your warranty may require it
  • It helps prevents unnecessary breakdowns
  • Your home will feel more comfortable
  • It keeps you safe from any electrical damage, fires, or health problems

What Does An AC Tune-up Include?

The hot weather is especially hard on air conditioning systems. They keep your home cool when it is blazing hot outside. Your air conditioner works very hard when you need it most because otherwise, it would be intolerable to be in your own home during the hot weather. This is why it is so important to take care of it.

A basic tune-up usually involves:

  • A check of your system's unit pressure
  • The blower components are inspected
  • The levels of refrigerant are examined
  • Your thermostat's calibration is checked
  • An inspection of the safety controls
  • The electrical connections are checked
  • Drain the condensate drain and it is cleaned
  • Your unit is lubricated
  • The AC unit's air flow is inspected
  • The starting capabilities are checked

We use a thorough checklist to examine your air conditioner to make sure that it is running optimally. It is important to inspect all of the components that make your air conditioner safe and efficient. Dirt and debris build up in your system which will affect the performance. Additionally, dirt and debris affect air flow. Professional maintenance on your air conditioner will help it last longer. Conversely, a system that is poorly maintained also promotes costly and unnecessary repairs.

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What Does An Air Conditioner Tune-Up Consist Of?
A complete tune-up includes the cleaning of your air conditioner's condenser coils. This helps increase efficiency levels which directly affects your home cooling costs. Also, this helps reduce the wear and tear on your system. An HVAC technician will also check the coolant levels to see that they are at the appropriate level. A tune-up is necessary to ensure your air conditioner works at peak performance.
What is the cost of an air conditioner service?
The average cost of air conditioner repair truly varies based on the condition of the unit and different repairs require different parts and labor. The average cost for ac repairs is about $300.00. A typical tune-up is less than $125.00, in some of our service regions we perform tune-ups as low as $99.00.
Do central AC units require a lot of energy to run?
In comparison to fans, central air conditioning systems require more energy in order to cool a house down. While a fan or window unit uses less energy, they do not keep your home as comfortable in the hot weather. There are ways to improve your home's energy efficiency which also will help reduce your home cooling costs.

AC Tune Up Near Me

When not in use, your air conditioner accumulates dirt and debris. This causes your system to be less efficient which leads to expensive home cooling costs. When we reexamined the majority of our service calls, we noticed that the majority of them were caused by problems attributed to the lack of maintenance and professional tune-ups.

Systems that are not properly tuned up will have more strain placed on the motor, fan belt and other components. Consequently, your air conditioner has to work harder in order to do its job. That hard work, comes at a price. You can keep your air conditioner in great shape by making sure that you schedule annual tune-ups.

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