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Have you ever woken up to realize that there is absolutely no hot water in your home? No one wants to take a cold shower. Get fast, friendly and affordable hot water heater repairs for your Erie home.

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We service many different types of water heating equipment; conventional tank, tankless, and heat pump (hybrid) heaters. Take a nice, hot shower again with our Hot Water Heater Repairs.

Not only do we offer emergency services, but we also handle regular repairs, service and installations.

We handle all types of heating problems like:

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  • Electric Water Heater Repair
  • No Hot Water In House

We also handle all types plumbing problems like:

  • Leaky Faucets
  • Clogged Drains
  • Faucet Replacement
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Toilet Replacement
  • Leaking Toilets
  • and more

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Hot Water Heater Repair Work Services

Did you need to take a cold shower this morning? If so, you will need to pick up the phone and get in touch with Result Home Services. Our company offers the following services:

Hardly Any Hot Water.

Typically, water heaters are dependable. Nevertheless, just like all devices, they do encounter their own set of problems. Your water heater will perform much more effectively when you take care of and maintain it. Otherwise, issues can end up being all too frequent. Old and outdated hot water heaters, regardless of just how much you look after them, will become subject to issues.

Result Home Services is experienced in addressing all kinds of water heater issues. We have been able to repair units that don't produce hot water. We have even repaired hot water heaters that produce incredibly hot water even when it is set at an adequate temperature. At times a pilot light won't stay lit, the heater makes a lot of noise, or it switches on and off at random intervals.

If your water heater quits providing hot water, the pilot light won't stay lit, or some other issue, it is very important that you have it examined as soon as possible.

Water Heater Tank Leaking.

The very last concern you want to face is a leaking water heater. It does occur when you may least expect it and it is one of the worst issues that happens with water heaters. When this takes place, you will have to fix the problem. The very best way to address an issue similar to this is by discovering what is causing it. This will serve to help prevent future problems that are similar to it.

When a drain valve is loosened or damaged, it can cause a leaky water heater. As time progresses, the valve can become loose and trigger a problem such as this. A hot water heater that is not installed properly experiences many issues. One of these problems is a loose drain valve. This brings about a slow leak and small accumulations of water. The issue with a slow leak is that you may not detect it until it has done major damage.

When the pressure within your water heater is very high, it, also, can create a variety of problems. One of the primary difficulties that it does cause is a leaking hot water heater. When there is an excessive amount of pressure, the water finds a way to escape to make up for the pressure. This is where it escapes. This usually occurs since the temperature is too high.

A professional will have the ability to diagnose why your water heater is leaking. Once a professional has confirmed why you have a leaking water heater, they will have the capacity to swiftly resolve it.

Water Heater Stopped Working.

Cold showers are the absolute worst. This may be an issue you've encountered if you have a gas hot water heater. Scenarios like this occur when the pilot light constantly goes out. There are many aspects that promote this issue. Only an expert can truly know that source for an issue like this.

A faulty thermocouple can cause this. The thermocouple serves the function of keeping the gas valve open. If it is faulty, then it could turn off the gas valve, which can lead to a loss of the pilot light.

Water Heater Repair Service.

It is always a smart idea to have basic understanding about water heaters specifically when it requires frequent repairs. It is also very good to have an idea how long your water heater should last. Water heaters give symptoms when they have reached the finish of their life span. One of these clues is the demand for frequent repairs. This is especially true if you've relocated into an older property with an existing unit.

Water heaters that are electrically powered last about 10-12 years. This life-span average is for conventional or traditional water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters have an extended lifespan. Gas heaters have much shorter life expectancies. 8 years is the normal lifespan for a gas water heater. When you reach the end of a water heater's life expectancy, whether it is a tankless, gas, or an electric water heater, then it is vital to substitute your new water heater to perform effectively as well as efficiently.

Water Heater Replacement Services.

Water heater installation does not take very long to install. Most installations only take a few very short hours. There are various details that can make this take a little bit longer than normal. When a person is upgrading their water heater with a completely different model, then it can extend the duration of time that it requires to have it installed. The quickest route is to install a tankless water heater.

On Demand Water Heaters.

People who have installed tankless units appreciate the energy financial savings that they offer. When a tankless water heater is installed, it provides hot water to all of your plumbing fixtures in your home. They provide an endless source of hot water which adds comfort. At the same time, they do this while reducing energy expenses. At Result Home Services, we can swiftly and easily install a tankless hot water unit for your home.

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