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Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning to take a shower, only to realize that you have no hot water. Get fast, friendly and affordable hot water heater repairs for your Lehigh Valley area home.

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We work on all types of water heating equipment; conventional tank, tankless and heat pump (hybrid) heaters. Take a hot shower again with our Hot Water Heater Repairs.

In addition emergency services, we also handle regular repairs, service and installations.

We handle all types of heating problems like:

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  • Gas Hot Water Heater Repair
  • No Hot Water In House
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We also handle all types plumbing problems like:

  • Leaky Faucets
  • Leaking Toilets
  • Clogged Drains
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Faucet Replacement
  • Toilet Replacement
  • and more

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Hot Water Heating System Repairs

Did you need to take an ice cold shower today? If so, you will need to pick up the phone and get in touch with Result Home Services. We provide the following services:

Hardly Any Hot Water.

Although water heaters are durable, they still encounter some issues. Hot water heater challenges can become rather persistent if you don't make the effort to look after and maintain your water heater. Old and outdated hot water heaters, no matter just how much you look after them, will become susceptible to issues.

At Result Home Services we address a wide range of hot water heater challenges. We have been able to repair units that don't produce hot water. We have even repaired hot water heaters that produce incredibly hot water even when it is set at a sufficient temperature. Occasionally a pilot light won't stay lit, the heater tank makes a lot of noise, or it turns on and off at random intervals.

When your water heater starts acting up, the very first step that you will need to take is getting in touch with a qualified professional to resolve it.

What To Do With A Leaking Hot Water Heater.

The very last challenge you want to come across is a leaking water heater. It is one of the worst predicaments that you can encounter. It's not often easy to pinpoint the resolution, but with proper hot water heater troubleshooting, the particular reason for the leak can be recognized. The best way to deal with an issue similar to this is by discovering what is causing it. This will serve to help prevent future problems that are similar to it.

Often a problem like this can possibly be brought on by a drain valve. It can come to be loose and even damaged. As time progresses, the valve can loosen and trigger a problem such as this. Even worse, when your water heater was not installed properly. This means that it was loose right from the beginning. A loose drain valve causes a slow leak which, in turn, results in small pools of water. The trouble with a slow leak is that you may not discover it until it has done serious damage.

Another main reason that triggers a leaking water heater is when the pressure inside of the tank is abnormally high. The excess pressure pushes water out of the tank wherever it can find an escape. The cause for this is temperatures that are too high.

Unless you are a professional, it will be a little difficult to tell why your water heater is leaking. It is crucial that you work with a professional to repair your water heater. They will have the capacity to repair it quickly and safely.

Water Heater Stopped Working.

No one, in their right mind, appreciates a cold shower. Homeowners who have gas water heaters have had to experience a cold shower eventually in time. The problem is oftentimes that the pilot won't stay lit. The reasoning behind this problem are varied also. This is not a problem that ought to be remedied by a DIY-er. This takes the skill sets and practical experience of a professional .

It may be a trouble with the thermocouple. The gas valve is kept open by the thermocouple. When the thermocouple does not work, then it might shut the gas valve. This, in turn, switches off the pilot.

Water Heater Repair Service.

What if you are necessitating repairs on your hot water heater more repeatedly than usual? Lots of people ask," how long does a hot water heater last?" as well as "is it time to replace my hot water heater?". Water heaters give hints when they have gotten to the end of their service life. Just one of these indicators is the requirement for regular repairs. When property owners move into a much older house, this can happen.

Water heaters that are electrically powered last about 10-12 years. This service life average is for conventional or traditional water heaters. Tankless water heaters have long life-spans compared with their traditional counterparts. Gas heaters have shorter life expectancies. 8 years is the typical lifespan for a gas hot water heater. It is important to be aware of your water heater's age. This way, you can substitute it when it has reached the end of its efficient lifespan.

The Best Time To Replace Your Water Heating System.

When many homeowners determine to replace their water heater, a number of them ask" How much time should it take?". Commonly, it does not take much longer than a number of hours. There are a number of considerations that can make this take a little bit longer than ordinary. Certain aspects, such as the depth of the install or the replacement model can affect the period of time required to properly install a new hot water heater. When substituting your water heater, it is recommended to look into a tankless unit.

On Demand Water Heaters.

People who have installed tankless units value the energy financial savings that they offer. All of the hot water in your home can be delivered by a tankless unit. They provide an endless supply of hot water which adds comfort. At the same time, they can do this while cutting down on energy costs. Result Home Services has installed a lot of tankless water heaters for many pleased property owners. We can install a system both quickly and perfectly so you can start taking pleasure in the perks of these systems in your very own home.

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