Top Ways To Reduce Your Home Heating Costs

image of money savings after heating system tune-up East Orange NJUnfortunately, heating a home throughout the winter months can cost a small fortune. Areas with especially long winters and cold periods only increase the associated heating costs. It’s no surprise homeowners want to reduce their energy usage and lower their energy expenses. Not everyone knows where to start in this endeavor, though. To achieve better energy efficiency, homeowners can take advantage of various solutions. Here’s a look at common methods to secure a lower heating (and cooling) bill:


Modern homes often feature optimal insulation, but that’s not always true with older homes. Therefore, a homeowner should install additional insulation in certain areas, like the attic and walls. An increase in insulation could generate space-heating savings of at least 10 percent. Some homeowners realize savings of 50 percent of more!

Fiberglass, slag wool, foam, and cellulose are common insulating materials these days. Currently, the American Society of Testing and Materials rates insulation with its R-value measurement. A given insulation should feature a high R-value to maximize the effectiveness of this solution.

Weather Stripping

During the winter, cold air leaks into a home through uninsulated entryways and elsewhere. A home energy audit can help detect points in a home where cold air enters a property. Common areas include doorways and windows, but air seeps in through less noticeable points, too. Weather stripping can be added to most of these spots to reduce air seepage and improve the overall energy efficiency.

Felt, foam sealants, reinforced vinyl, drywall, and other materials often help with weather stripping. For the best results, weather stripping needs to be installed before cold or wet weather comes around. Each material requires a dry application, and any moisture can cause problems sooner rather than later. Don’t start this process during winter!

Programmable Thermostat

Dozens of programmable thermostats are available on the market today. By installing one of these devices, it’s possible to reduce space heating costs by 10 percent or more during winter. A programmable thermostat is able to be programmed to turn down the heat while nobody is home. The thermostat can also be set to an optimal temperature when everyone is home as well.

LED Lights

No lighting solution is more energy efficient than LEDs. In fact, they’re 75 percent more efficient than incandescent bulbs, according to the US Department of Energy. LEDs are more durable than other lighting types, and they can offer Internet of Things connectivity. Therefore, homeowners can control their lights from anywhere with a smartphone.

By utilizing LED lights (and IoT) features, homeowners are able to better manage their home’s lighting and energy use.

Energy Efficient Windows And Doors

A home’s windows and doors are a key source of heat loss. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, energy efficient windows and doors may lower a household’s overall energy consumption by nearly 15 percent. Energy efficient windows and doors are available at most home improvement stores today, and they make a noticeable impact on usage.

Tune Up The Heating System

Also, homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to hire the professionals for a heater tune-up. Each tune-up includes an inspection and cleaning. Various parts of the HVAC system are repaired or replaced as well.

HVAC technicians know how to diagnose various issues with a home’s heating system. It turns out that an inefficient HVAC system can increase energy costs by hundreds of dollars per year. For that reason, experts recommend a tune-up and repairs when necessary.

Water Heating

Water heaters older than 10 years are often inefficient and waste energy, which raises the heating bill. Modern water heaters better utilize energy in various ways. For instance, a tankless heater heats water on-demand rather than keeping 100 gallons of water hot 24 hours per day.


Heating System Tune-up East Orange NJ

In the end, following these steps can slash home heating costs by hundreds of dollars annually. Such tactics also reduce a home’s carbon footprint, making the property more environmentally friendly.

The HVAC system itself imparts the biggest impact on a home’s heating costs. To avoid a gigantic bill, homeowners need to maintain their heating system properly. This could mean a biannual inspection by an HVAC professional, and only the best HVAC companies should inspect a heating unit.

Be sure to contact Result Home Services to schedule an annual heater tune-up. All of our technicians are certified and factory trained. So, they have the experience that it takes to get your heating system working as efficiently as possible. We also offer heater repairs and equipment installation.

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