A Ductless AC System & Small Room Cooling Solutions

There are a number of options to choose from when considering how to keep your home cool. Some homeowners use a central air conditioning system to maintain comfortable indoor climates. However, these are often expensive when it comes to keeping a larger home cool. Along with that, the temperature will vary considerably from room to room. One room will likely be warmer than the others while another is much too cold. It is difficult to ensure the overall comfort of every room.

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Is There A Best AC Solution For Small Rooms?

ductless AC installation Paterson NJIt is fortunate that you do have other options for achieving an appropriate balance with of home comfort. For instance, a lot of homeowners find ductless A/C offers the comfort and convenience that they are looking for.

Ductless systems are very energy efficient. Also, these systems make it easier to regulate indoor temperature, especially in small rooms. It is possible to use window air conditioning units to do the same thing, but they are far from energy efficient since they usually cost more than ductless systems to operate. Also, they have many other issues that homeowners have a hard time dealing with.

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Window AC Unit Problems

Issues With Security

Window units are mounted right into a window. This obstructs the visual appeal of the outside world. In addition to not being able to see well through the window, this creates a risk to your security because thieves and other criminals will identify this as an easy access point into your home. With a mini-split system you will have better security and all components can be installed in out of the way locations by a competent HVAC contractor.

Natural Light Is Lost

inefficient window air conditionerSuppose you want to open the window to allow natural light to flood the room. This is impossible with a window unit. Even though window units are touted as easily removable, doing so isn’t as easy as one might think. Such cooling units are typically heavy, and removing them involves considerable work and effort. With a ductless AC system, you will never have to be concerned about losing natural light. Any time you want to let some fresh air and breeze into your home, you are free to do so.

Window Cooling Units Cool Just One Room

A window air conditioner is a good way to cool a small room as a temporary solution. However, that is all it will do. It is impossible to keep numerous rooms in your home cool with a single window unit. A ductless system is able to. A lot of ductless AC systems are installed to cool different zones. You can set the temperature of each zone according to your liking. This way, you will have no need to worry about one room being too hot while another is too cold.

Noisy Window Units

One important feature of air conditioning systems is that they should remain quite as they operate in the background. No one wants to listen to the sound of a constantly running motor. The majority of window units are loud when they are running. When used to keep small rooms cool, this can be annoying, especially when you are trying to sleep. The compressor of a ductless system is installed outdoors. Therefore, the only noise you will need to worry about is the air handler. It is typically far more quiet than the average window AC unit.

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Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Paterson NJ

When you want to cool a small room or addition to your home while maintaining energy efficiency, it makes sense to go ductless. Your best source for information and installation of this kind of AC system is a professional HVAC contractor. If you do choose to go ductless, be sure to locate a cooling contractor with a reputation for quality.

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