My Air Conditioner Is Running But It Is Not Cooling My House

Summer months are great because we can enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends. Though we enjoy spending time outdoors having fun we also relish the ability to find refuge from the heat. Unfortunately, there are things that can cause an air conditioning unit to malfunction. This is why it is crucial to keep up with the A/C maintenance. AC maintenance includes things such as:

  • changing the filters
  • keeping the outdoor unit free from debris
  • routine cleanings
  • preventing weed or grass overgrowth near the unit

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AC not cooling house in newark njIt is also important to make sure the thermostat is working properly. Be sure to replace it with an updated device as needed. These preventative measures help avoid costly repairs. However, they are not always enough to prevent a unit from having issues. Sometimes air conditioning systems develop issues that require a professional to diagnose and repair. A professional has the skills to diagnose and remedy these issues properly.

AC Blowing Warm Air

One such issue is a cooling system that blows air but not cool air. An air conditioner can seemingly work and show little signs of problems other than blowing warm air. This can be very frustrating. This is especially true when an air conditioner stops providing cool air on a hot day. In addition to being uncomfortable, a hot home is dangerous for:

  • pets
  • young children
  • elderly individuals
  • people suffering from health conditions

When a unit is blowing warm air it is time to contact a professional heating and air conditioning company.

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Condenser Fan Motor

There are several reasons why a cooling system will stop blowing cool air. One of the most common reasons is when the condenser fan motor is not working properly. When the condenser fan does not dissipate heat, the unit is unable to cool a home.


HVAC refrigerant leakAnother common cause of warm air being dispersed is if the refrigerant liquid is low. Signs of low refrigerant are when ice can be seen built up on the refrigerant line. Ice is also seen on the outside unit. A unit that is low on refrigerant can also start making odd noises. This includes a bubbling or hissing sound.

A unit with low refrigerant is demonstrated by the inability to keep the home cool. This is true especially during the hottest part of the day. Consequently, it has no problems maintaining a comfortable temperature on cooler days and during the night.


Continuing to operate a cooling unit under these conditions can ruin the A/C’s compressor device. The compressor is a major component of an air conditioning unit that can also be the cause of malfunction. If a broken compressor is the issue,  a homeowner may have to replace the entire unit. Considering the extensive damage that occurs from an improperly working A/C, it is imperative to turn the unit off. Contact a professional HVAC contractor immediately.

How To Stay Cool When Your A/C Is Not Working:


Air Conditioner Not Cooling House Newark NJ

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