Eight Tips To Ensure Your Air Conditioner Works Efficiently

Your air conditioning system will function efficiently and safely when you perform regular maintenance on it. Without regular maintenance, you will deal with more breakdowns, the discomfort of being hot and, of course, huge repair bills. During the spring and summer months, you can use the following A/C maintenance tips to help you to keep your cooling system running efficiently.

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1. Filter Replacement

Your filters should be checked every 30 days and should be replaced when they appear dirty. As a rule, filters should be changed, at the very least, every 90 days. If your home or business is in a dusty area, then the filters need to be changed more frequently. This also goes with homes that have furry pets. Replacing the filters helps to decrease energy consumption by up to 40%, enhances air quality, and helps the air conditioning system last longer.

2. Quality Filters

air filter replacementOnly use quality filters which are pleated or baffled. You can achieve the best results by using electrostatic filters. They can intercept small particles. A HEPA filter is a great choice because it is ideal for persons suffering from respiratory allergies or asthma. Save by purchasing several filters at a time.

3. Annual Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Your AC should be tuned-up every spring to reduce your electricity consumption. Doing so can reduce your energy use by one-sixth, thus, making your system more efficient. In addition, the A/C can have seven to eight more years’ life span when you schedule regular AC tune-ups. Always hire a reputable cooling expert to service your air conditioning system.

4. Indoor Cleaning

Cleaning the vents in the air conditioner is critical to improving efficiency and air quality. All debris and dust which has accumulated on these surfaces needs to be removed. This, ideally, needs to be carried out monthly.

5. Keeping Air Vents Open

keep your air vents openAt least four of five vents need to remain open at all times. Some people opt to close registers in vacant rooms to save energy, maintenance time, and costs. However, with too many air vents closed, the A/C unit may have additional stress. This, in turn, increases energy costs.

6. Outdoor Cleaning

The outdoor air conditioning equipment should be checked weekly for any type of debris. The top and sides should be closely inspected. Dead insects, grass, sticks, pollen and leaves should be removed from the surfaces. Although it may seem simple, this routine task will keep any obstructions from impeding the efficiency of the cooling system.

7. Adequate Clearance

No objects should be stored, planted or parked within two feet of your outdoor AC equipment. Therefore, do not plant a bush or leave a wheelbarrow in this area. Shrubs and trees that are close to the A/C unit should be trimmed back because this aids airflow and ensures safety.

8. Safety Devices

A faulty air conditioner can spark a fire or release carbon monoxide. Always ensure that the batteries in your CO and smoke alarms are working. Test these alarms at the beginning of summer. Replace them when a safety test fails.

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image air conditioner tune-up Trenton NJWhile these tasks may seem expensive and tedious, you will save money because of them. Also, you will feel cool and comfortable during the summer. It aids in the health and safety of your family. When your cooling system is not performing normally, please always contact an HVAC professional.

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