Heating System Tune-ups

Your heating system needs a tune up each and every year. One of the best ways to protect your investment is by maintaining it.
This allows your heater to work at peak performance while making it more energy efficient. Furthermore, a heating system that
has been professionally tuned up experiences fewer breakdowns.

annual heater tune-upAt Result Home Services, we can take care of your heating system. If you need a heater tune-up, heating system repair, or a heating system installation, you can count on us. Our trained NATE certified contractors have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right at an affordable cost. We are prompt and professional. By using our maintenance services, you will be able to rest assured that you can avoid unnecessary costly repairs in your future.

Furnace Tune-up Cost

The cost of a tune-up will vary depending on your location and the contractor who is servicing your heater. Regardless, all heating system manufacturers recommend that you get annual tune-ups by a qualified HVAC professional. If your system is still under warranty, then most manufacturers will not cover damage to your unit unless it is properly maintained. Some homeowners understand the importance of a tune-up when it is compared to buying a new car. Would you ever buy a new car and never give it an oil change. No, probably not. Maintaining your HVAC system is similar.

A tune-up for most gas furnaces range between $80 to $130. Oil furnace tune-ups cost between $75 to $125. Of course, this
depends on where you are located and the contractor that you choose. By investing in a tune-up service, your furnace will last
longer. It will also prevent unnecessary repairs and breakdowns. It basically makes your system run more efficiently and

Furnace Tune-up: How Often

If you talk to any HVAC expert, they will always agree on one thing. It is important to get an annual heating system tune-up.
It is best to get it in the fall, right before the cold season starts and when you depend on your heater the most. This helps
prevent  heater breaks down at the peak of the cold weather. It extends the life of your heater. Also, if your system
is covered under a warranty, most manufacturers will not cover the damage to a poorly maintained unit. It is possible that your
furnace can break down right in the middle of the winter with no signs which will leave you in the cold. A tune-up prevents
dangerous carbon monoxide leaks from happening in your home. Carbon monoxide leaks lead to serious health issues and even

If you haven't scheduled an annual heating system tune-up, then it is never too late. Getting one right in the middle of the cold weather is better than not getting one at all. Give Result Home Services a call to schedule a heating system tune-up today!

Not all HVAC companies offer the same services for a heating system tune-up. A basic tune-up includes:

  • The furnace or boiler is checked for carbon monoxide.
  • The combustion chamber and the heat exchanger are inspected.
  • The burner flame is examined.
  • The condition of the heat exchanger is checked.
  • The pilot light and igniter are checked.
  • The motor or oil pump is checked and oil is added if necessary. The belts are also inspected.
  • The status of your vent pipe to chimney is checked.
  • Dust and any particles are removed from the burner compartment.
  • The pilot safety timing is inspected. Any thermocouples are replaced.
  • The filters are checked and replaced.
  • The blower wheel is examined.
  • The furnace or boiler is restarted and startup operation is examined.
  • Safety controls and thermostat is checked.
Related Heater Questions
What are the general costs for a furnace service including a cleaning?
Typically, when a company comes out to do an inspection, you may only have to pay the service charge. Some contractors will remove this charge if you need to have work done to your heater. If you are getting your furnace tuned up, then the inspection is actually part of that type of service. They vary from one contractor to another but they usually cost between $60 all the way up to $130.
What can I do as a homeowner to clean my furnace?

All maintenance should be done by a professional and certified HVAC specialist. However, there are some things that the homeowner can do.

  • Keep the area around your furnace and air vents free from clutter.
  • Always inspect the burner flames to make sure that they are blue.
  • You can vacuum the area around the burner as well as the area around the blower
  • Change your filters as often as needed.
Is air duct cleaning important?
Air duct cleaning usually means that specific areas of your forced air heating system are cleaned. This includes the supply and return air ducts, the registers, the coils, the heat exchangers, the drip pans, motors, housing, and the duct system. This helps improve indoor air quality and the functionality of your machine.
Why is a furnace tune-up important?
The best way to avoid major breakdowns and premature replacement of your heating system is by having it tuned up annually. A tune-up ensures that everything is working properly so that you will feel more comfortable during the cold weather. It also means that your system will work more efficiently, reducing your home heating costs.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for Heating and Cooling

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