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Hot Water Heating Unit Repairs

Did you have to take a cold shower today? A water heater will not repair itself. Be sure to contact Result Home Services as soon as possible. We provide the following services:

Insufficient Hot Water.

Water heaters are produced to be long-lasting, but that doesn't mean they never face problems. Hot water heater problems can become rather frequent if you don't put in the time to look after and maintain your hot water heater. Likewise, if you have a very old system that is in close proximity to the end of its service life it can become prone to a number of problems.

Result Home Services is experienced in working with all kinds of water heater issues. We have seen units that don't generate hot water and some that produce scalding hot water even when the thermostat is set correctly. Other concerns that we have found are water heaters that are noisy or their pilot light will not remain lit. In some cases, water heaters can even switch off and on randomly.

If you are dealing with any hot water heater troubles, like no hot water, your first step should be to reach out to a hot water heater repair service.

Hot water Heater Tank Leaking.

The very last complication you want to come across is a leaking water heater. It does happen when you may least expect it and it is one of the worst issues that takes place with water heaters. Finding the explanation as to why your water heater is leaking can help you determine the solution. The very best way to deal with an issue like this is by determining what is causing it. This will serve to help prevent future complications that are similar to it.

Often a problem like this can possibly be caused by a drain valve. It can become loose or even damaged. As time progresses, the valve can loosen and cause a problem such as this. Also, if the water heater was not properly installed, then it may have been loose the whole time. This causes a slow leak with your hot water heater. You may see small formations of water. The issue with a slow leak is that you may not recognize it until it has done serious damage.

Another explanation that results in a leaking hot water heater is when the pressure within the tank is abnormally high. When there is too much pressure, the water finds a way to escape to offset the pressure. This is where it escapes. A high temperature triggers this to take place.

A professional will have the ability to diagnose why your water heater is leaking. From there, it's a simple matter of fixing the problem to ensure sure it doesn't happen again.

Water Heater Not Working.

Cold showers are the absolute worst. This may be a problem you've experienced if you have a gas hot water heater. Scenarios like this develop when the pilot light continuously goes out. The reasoning behind this issue are varied also. It will call for a professional touch with suitable tools to identify the problem.

When a thermocouple goes bad, the pilot can go out. This is a small safety device that is responsible for keeping the gas valve open. If it is malfunctioning, then it could turn off the gas valve, which results in a loss of the pilot light.

Water Heating System Repair.

When your water heater needs to have repairs on a recurring basis, then it is common to wonder whether your water heater has hit the point of requiring a replacement unit. Many homeowners wonder how long their hot water heater really should last. It may pretty much be that your water heater has made it to completion of its service life. This is specifically true if you've relocated into an older house with an existing unit.

Water heaters that are electrically powered last about 10-12 years. This applies to water heater tanks. Tankless hot water heaters have a longer lifespan. Gas heaters have much shorter life expectancies. Most house owners can anticipate an average of 8 years out of their gas system. When you reach the finish of a water heater's life expectancy, whether it is a tankless, gas, or an electric water heater, then it is essential to replace your new water heater to perform effectively and also efficiently.

Hot Water Heater Replacement.

Water heater installation does not take long to install. Most replacements only take a few brief hours. At times, it can take much longer as a result of the type of installation that is taking place. When a homeowner is switching out their hot water heater with an entirely different model, then it can prolong the duration of time that it requires to have it installed. If you already have to replace your water heater, then an energy efficient decision would be to install a tankless water heating system.

Tankless Water Heater.

Consumers who have installed tankless units value the energy cost savings that they offer. A tankless heater is installed on all of the sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Tankless water heaters, or on demand hot water heaters, provide a constant supply of hot water. They also reduce energy costs due to the fact that they do not have the energy costs connected with standby heat loss. Be sure to speak with Result Home Services if you have an interest in tankless systems. We can quickly and affordably mount one in your house so that you can begin using your own tankless unit in no time.

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