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Nothing is worse than getting up in the morning to take a shower, only to realize that you have no hot water. Get fast, friendly and affordable hot water heater repairs for your Lehigh Valley area home.

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We work on all types of water heating equipment; conventional tank, tankless and heat pump (hybrid) heaters. Take a hot shower again with our Hot Water Heater Repairs.

In addition emergency services, we also handle regular repairs, service and installations.

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  • No Hot Water In House
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Hot Water Heating System Repairs

Are you encountering challenges with your hot water heater? A water heater will not fix itself. Make sure to contact Result Home Services right now. Here are a few of the professional services offered.

Insufficient Hot Water.

Although water heaters are durable, they still experience some issues. Your water heater will perform so much more effectively when you take care of and maintain it. Otherwise, problems can end up being all too frequent. Similarly, if you have a very old unit that is nearing the end of its lifespan it can become prone to certain problems.

Result Home Services has serviced many water heaters and so we are capable of dealing with a wide variety of issues that water heaters experience. We have been capable to repair hot water heating units that have temperature issues. Sometimes, a hot water heater may generate too much hot water or not enough hot water. In some cases a pilot light will not stay lit, the heater makes a lot of noise, or it turns on and off at random intervals.

If you are encountering any hot water heater issues, like no hot water, your first step really should be to speak to a hot water heater repair service.

Leaking Water Heater.

A leaking water heater is the just one of the types of issues that you can encounter. It is one of the most severe troubles that you can encounter. It's not always easy to recognize the resolution, but with efficient water heater troubleshooting, the specific root cause of the leak can be identified. Identifying the root cause of the leak not only stops the leak itself, but it helps protect against a similar leak from appearing down the road.

When a drain valve is loose or damaged, it can create a leaky hot water heater. The valve can gradually loosen in time. In addition, if the water heater was not properly installed, then it may have been loose the entire time. This causes a slow leak with your water heater. You may see small formations of water. When this type of circumstance happens, the problem isn't even noticeable right away. Normally, it is discovered when the concern has become a major and expensive issue.

Another factor that creates a leaking water heater is when the pressure within the tank is uncommonly high. The pressure increases where the water needs to escape from the tank. A high temperature triggers this to occur.

A professional will have the ability to diagnose why your water heater is leaking. Once a professional has confirmed why you have a leaking water heater, they will have the chance to quickly correct it.

Water Heater Not Working.

Cold showers are the absolute worst. Homeowners who have gas water heaters have had to experience a cold shower at some point in time. The problem is frequently that the pilot won't stay lit. This problem is created for many reasons. It will demand a professional touch with correct tools to determine the problem.

When a thermocouple goes bad, the pilot can go out. The gas valve is held open by the thermocouple. If it is malfunctioning, then it could shut the gas valve, which can lead to a loss of the pilot light.

Water Heating Unit Repair.

When your water heater is in need of repairs on a recurring basis, then it is normal to wonder whether or not your water heater has reached the point of necessitating a replacement unit. Many homeowners question how long their hot water heater will last. It may quite possibly be that your water heater has reached completion of its life expectancy. When house owners move into an older house, this can happen.

Water heaters that are electrically powered last about 10-12 years. This average is pertinent for water heaters that use storage tanks. Tankless water heaters have long life expectancies as compared to their standard counterparts. Gas water heaters, compared to tankless and also electric water heaters, have much shorter lifespans. 8 years is the common lifespan for a gas water heater. After this, it's time to think of a replacement.

The Best Time To Replace Your Water Heating System.

Water heater installation does not take much time to install. Most installations only take a few quick hours. There are certain factors that can make this take a little bit longer than normal. If the replacement needs getting rid of an existing water heater and making room for a very different design, then it could take much longer. If you already have to replace your water heater, then a power efficient move would be to install a tankless water heating system.

Tankless Water Heater.

A tankless heater is probably the most energy efficient approach for supplying hot water around the home. When a tankless water heater is installed, it supplies hot water to all of your plumbing components in your home. They deliver hot water on the spot when it is required and save a fair bit of energy. Result Home Services has installed many tankless water heaters for many satisfied homeowners. We can install an unit both quickly and perfectly so you can start enjoying the benefits of these units in your very own home.

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